The Asia Working Dog Support Association (AWDSA) is a non profit organization that has trained Assistance Dogs since 1999.  Our formal service dog programs under established guidelines provided by the Assistance dogs law (of Japan), have trained five of thirty seven legal service dog teams in Japan(as of 2006). We have successfully trained and placed five legal service dogs and some at-home service dogs. One of them is for a person who is both mobility and visually impaired, and another one is for a person who has very severe speech disability.

Moreover, we have one program to provide trained service dogs not only in Japan but also other countries in Asia. And one legal service dog team was certified in Korea in 2006 after our program.

We also train gHearing Dogsh, gSearch and Rescue Dogsh and gCompanion Animalsh and as well as trainers for all these dogs.

Aims and Benefits

We try to concern the users/disabilities principle.

We try to select compatible candidates and give them appropriate training.

We follow up retirement of Assistance Dogs.

Users will not be charged financially.

We thoroughly consider the relationships between users and dogs.

We inform the public in order to deepen their understanding of Assistance Dogs


Just as guide dogs help blind and the visually impaired, Service Dogs help disabled people.
The tasks of Service Dogs depend upon the disabled personfs need.

Some common tasks have been listed below but there are many more:

  • retrieving objects

  • pulling wheelchairs

  • opening and closing doors

  • turning light switches off and on

Besides physical support, Service Dogs also give handlers greatly enhanced lives with a new
sense of freedom and independence.


Hearing Dogs assist deaf and hard of hearing persons by alerting them with physically contact or
lead persons to the source of the sound.

Tasks of Hearing Dogs involve alerting the user to everyday sounds such as:

  • a doorbell ring

  • fire alarm

  • telephone call

  • name call

and more.


What breeds of dogs make good Service Dogs?
A good Service Dog is not protective, is people oriented, is not overly active, and is confident but
not dominant or submissive.

How long does it take to train an Assistance Dog?
The minimum period for standard training is 120 hours over 6 months. A well-trained Assistance Dog
should be trained 1 to 2 hours per day over 6 months - in other words 180 to 360 hours.

Do you accept donations?
Yes, and all donations are tax-deductible. ASIA WORKING DOG SUPPORT ASSOCIATION is
not for a profit organization.
Your donation will help to purchase dog food, harnesses and Veterinarian Fees of candidates

Bank Details

@@@Name: Yokohama Bank, Tsunashima Branch

Address: 2-1-16, Tsunashima-nishi, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
@@@@@@@@@223-0053, Japan

Account number: 1505876

Account Name : Yoshiyuki Noji of Asia Working Dog Support Kyokai

How do I get information about volunteering, acquiring an assistance dog, raising a puppy,
or adopting a released or retired dog?
We very much appreciate your support as we are a volunteer association and we need
many hands.  If you are interested in our work or require further information, please contact us
using one of the options below.

Telephone : OST|TSS|WSSP @Our Fax No.:OST|TSS|WQSU

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